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What is the best time to come visit Siargao for Watersports ? 

Siargao has warm tropical weather year round around 28-30 degrees celcius. 
With our sports offered there is always fun to be had on the water. 

- Wind sports are best done during the Amihan NE monsoon from December - May,
and Habagat SW monsoon from July- September. 

- Since Siargao sits right on the philippine trench, waves come in unhampered and there are always waves to be found. 
In the summer time from May- early September waves are generally small and friendly. 
And from late September - April bigger waves arrive at the island. 

The variety of islands, beaches and surfbreaks gives us plenty of choice to choose the best spot for every day!

Do i need lessons ?

If you are new to a sports and have never done your desired sport or do not fully master it yet,
then YES you do need lessons. 
Going out with an instructor or coach will make learning a lot safer, easier, faster and FUN!

If you are already a independent rider then you can avail of our rental services.

Is Kitesurfing and Wingsurfing hard to learn ?

Both sports are relatively easy to learn and have a very fast learning curve ! 

Our lessons are structured to guide you through the necessary skills in an easy and safe manner.
We've taught students from 7-77 years old and know that anyone can learn, at their own pace! 

Our basic courses are 6/8h, which is the minimum required to master all skills. 
After which it depends from person to person if additional training is required to become completely autonomous. 

Do i need to know how to swim ?

While we offer buoyancy aids during our lessons and rentals,
yes you do need to be a comfortable swimmer before heading out into the lagoons and ocean to do sports. 

What should i bring to my appointment ? 

Your personal swimming gear of course as you will get wet ! 
A good suncream, zinc and rashguard are recommended as well to protect you from the sun, its the tropics after all. If you have your own water shoes, we recommend bringing them as well. 

A cap & sunglasses are useful as well. 

We supply all the necessary sporting and safety equipment.

What is your policy for damaged products?

During lessons, all equipment damages are covered, although we don't expect any as your instructors will teach you how to handle the equipment correctly and safely 

During rentals, you are expected to be caring for the equipment as good or better than your own. 
If you behave reckless you will be warned, and repeated frontal strikes of kites are reason for terminating the rental and a penalty charge is applied for shortening the life span of the equipment. 
Should you end up breaking it due to misuse or negligence you will need to shoulder the repair or replacement costs, whichever is applicable.

How do you plan your activities?

At Siargao Watersports we make sure there is something fun to do every day, regardless of the weather. 

However our wind sports are weather and tide dependent, and we schedule it a day ahead. 
To book a session, please contact us on whatsapp on the number at the bottom of the page.

To see the wind forecast for Generla Luna on Windy, click here 

To see the current live wind in Bravo, click here 

To see the tide forecast for Siargao, click here 

Need more info ? 

Siargao Watersports
Beachfront @ Bravo Beach Resort
Tourism Road, General Luna
8419 Surigao Del Norte

0063 (0)967 047 8569

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