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kitesurfing flat water Siargao Philippines


Discover Kitesurfing / Kiteboarding with us,
& earn to ride with the wind!

Glide across Siargao's wonderful lagoons,
ride a few waves & learn to jump to fly as high as your kite.

We provide a variety of kite lessons & rentals
for all levels & ages from 7-77 years old.


Kitesurfing - Full Course

learn to ride!

For all those who want to get into kitesurfing / kiteboarding

Go from complete beginner towards being comfortable with the kite and board.

This course is the foundation that anyone needs to become a independent kiteboarder.
We bring you into the world of kiteboarding and build your skills step by step,

until you are comfortable and in control.


All lessons are IKO standardized and given by experienced instructors certified on the highest level.  


Complete Basic Course consists of Modules 1-2-3.

-6h private lessons
or 8h semi-private lessons.
16.000 Php per person

Courses are done in 2-3h lesson blocks per day and takes a minimum of 3 days, weather permitting

Waterstart & board riding

kitesurfing beginner lesson Philippines Asia Siargao

Level 1

Kite control

Your first ever kite experience !
Get to know your kite & how it works. 

Learn to Individually set up your equipment, rig your lines and launch it up.
Learn to fly your kite, activate your safety systems & restart. 
Landing and launching and walking around while flying the kite. 


5.800php / 2h private lesson 

4.600php / 2h semi private lesson

kiteboarding beginner lessons Philippines Asia Siargao

Level 2 

Power development 

Time to up the ante! 

We go out with a slightly more powerful kite and learn to move it so it creates power, and to use the power of the kite to move in the direction of your choice. 

we also learn recover your board in deep water after wipeouts and finish the lesson with a full equipment packdown. 

5.800php / 2h private lesson 

4.600php / 2h semi private lesson

Kitesurfing riding lesson

Level 3

Now that you got your kite under full control, we combine it with the board! 

Learn how to get up, and to keep going. As well as edge control to accelerate and to stop. 
Once you are going we also work on turns. 


5.800php / 2h private lesson 

4.600php / 2h semi private lesson

2 way radio upgrade
radio helmet_edited.png
radio helmet_edited.png

Want to speed up the learning process ? 
2 way radio's put you in permanent contact with your instructor, no need to press any buttons. 

Instant feedback at all time and extra safe learning,

Available for lessons at all levels.
+1.100php upgrade / 2h lesson.  

Advanced services

Riding coaching or Refresher

Need more time practice riding to learn going upwind and become independent? 


Did you not kite for a while and would you like a refresher course? 

Or do you want to learn some new freestyle or wave riding skills? 

Book this customised coaching session and boost your skills! 


5.800php / 2h private lesson 

4.600php / 2h semi private lesson

Kitesurf quiver.png

Equipment rental

Ready to go but dont have your own gear yet ? 
We offer full equipment rentals for independent riders.

1h 2.300php 

2h 2.900php        
half day 4.600php

Equipment storage 

Got your gear and want to leave it on the spot ? 

We have personal lockers available for rent.

1.000php / week 
2.500php/ month

Siargao Watersports
Beachfront @ Bravo Beach Resort
Tourism Road, General Luna
8419 Surigao Del Norte

0063 (0)915 2646 225

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