Our Sports

Kitesurfing flat water Siargao Philippines


Soar through the skies

Kitesurfing / Kiteboarding
lets you learn to control, and ride with the wind!

Discover this fantastic sport in our huge lagoon.

We provide a variety of lessons & rentals for all levels.
Twintip, surfboard and hydrofoil available. 

Wing foiling lessons Philippines.jpg

Wing foiling

The newest way to ride! 

Wing Foiling is the newest wind sport, & now availabe at Siargao Watersports.

The Wing combines the simplicty of windsurfing, with the freedom of kitesurfing, and the pure feeling of surfing.

No mast, no lines but the power of the wind straight in your hands while standing on whatever board you want.



Cruise the seas

Come on a tour on our 18ft trimaran.

Discover the true heritage of the Filipino sailboats. 

Enjoy a cruise through our sheltered lagoon and enjoy the tropic water and winds. 

Perfect for a afternoon out with the kids.

Or come learn the ropes on how to sail a boat yourself! 

Surf Foil Siargao Philippines

surf & sup foil

Fly over the waves

Learn to fly above and ride the waves!


Connect turn after turn going further than you've ever ridden on one wave.


And do all that even when the waves are not perfect !


Surf foiling makes all types of waves rideable and turns the ocean into one giant  playground. 

Foiling lesson Siargao Philippines

wake foiling

Boat assisted hydrofoiling

Want to venture into the world of hydrofoiling?

Learn to ride with the ease of being pulled by the boat. 

Also for those already surf foiling,
who want to be towed into the waves instead of paddle for it. 

Stand up Paddle SUP Siargao

Kayak & Sup

Family Fun

Our most accessible offering.

Take your whole family for a paddleboarding or kayak excursion in our tropical waters.

Explore the lagoons or mangroves of Siargao!

Or go have a look at the majestic waves.