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Wing Foiling

Wing Surfing, Wing Foiling or wingy thingy? 
The discussion on the name is still out there,
but we are hooked!

The newest wind sport
is now availabe at Siargao watersports.

It combines the simplicty of windsurfing,
with the freedom of kitesurfing,
and the pure feeling of surfing.


No mast, no lines but the power of the wind straight in your hands to do whatever you want.

Wing Surfing - Discovery Lesson

Marlo Gallardo Wing Surf

Not sure if winging is something for you ?
We are!


But to make it easy for you to try we made our discovery course. 

A short sampler to make you discover the power of the wind and learn to control it with the Wing!

2.700php / 1h Private lesson 
2.200php / 1h Group lesson

Wing Foiling -  Courses

learn to ride on foil!

Module 1

Learn to Wing with a SUP

The easiest way to ride a wing. 
Just hold the wing and ride your SUP. 
Amazing fun on light wind days to have a cruise, and great for kids!
But also essential before going out with a hydrofoil. 

Our SUP's are customized for Winging, allowing you focus on riding both ways and practice your gybes and tacks to get ready for the foilboard.

5.400php / 2h private lesson 

4.400php / 2h semi private lesson

Wing surfing foiling lesson Siargao Philippines

Module 2

Wing Foiling

The real thing!
Now that you got you are comfortable with the Wing,
We teach you about the foil to get you up and Wing Foiling. 

Learn to pump the Wing, and generate lift off and glide over the lagoons. 

Feel the freedom and go wherever you want! Or head to the reef and glide endlessly on the smalles of waves ! 

7.200php / 2h private lesson 

4.800php / 2h semi private lesson

Full Course

For all those who want to get into Wing foiling.

Go from complete beginner towards
being comfortable with the Wing and flying on the foil board. 

Our custom lesson plan is built to teach you winging easy and safe! 

Go out with SUP first, get super comfortable with the wing,
and finally get up on foil and fly over the lagoons. 

Complete Basic Course : 21.000Php

Duration is lesson time : 6h in private, or 9h in group (2pax) with own set of equipment.
Includes additional 2h of rental/ supervised practice to be taken at any time between the sessions. 


wing foil marc.jpg
2 way radio upgrade
radio helmet_edited.png
radio helmet_edited.png

Want to speed up the learning process ? 
2 way radio's put you in permanent contact with your instructor, no need to press any buttons. 

Instant feedback at all time and extra safe learning,

Available for lessons at all levels.
+1.100php upgrade / 2h lesson.  

Advanced services

Wing surfing rental equipment_edited.png

Wing + SUP rental 

Want to practice some more with the wing before going foiling ? 

Or just enjoy a cruise over the lagoon in the summer breeze 

1.800 Php / 1h
2.400 Php / 2h 
4.100 Php / half day 

Riding coaching

Need more time practice riding and going upwind & downwind to become independent ? 

Or want to learn wave riding skills? 

Book this 2h private coaching session and boost your skills! 

7.200 Php / 2h

Wing + Foilboard rental

Ready to go but don't have your own gear yet ? 

We offer full equipment rentals for independent riders.

2.400 Php / 1h
3.000 Php / 2h 
4.800 Php / half day 

hydrofoil storage Bravo Siargao.jpg

Equipment storage 

Got your gear and want to leave it on the spot ? 

We have personal lockers available for rent.

1.000php / week 
2.500php/ month


Siargao Watersports
Beachfront @ Bravo Beach Resort
Tourism Road, General Luna
8419 Surigao Del Norte

0063 (0)967 047 8569

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