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Surf & Sup Foiling

The hydrofoil opens up a whole new world of waves. 
No more need for perfect waves!
Let it be 2 foot and you'll be frothing! 

Learn to fly and ride the waves faster than Mick Fanning, connect turn after turn further than you've ever ridden.

And do all that even when the waves are not perfect ! 

Surf foiling makes almost all ocean conditions into an ultimate playground. 

Introduction to foiling 

learn to fly above the water

hydrofoil surfing lesson Siargao Philippines

Foiling lesson behind the boat

Your easy way into foiling. 

After a full explanation on the different parts of the hydrofoil, and how to control it. 
We get right into it and gently tow you behind our boat. 

Learn to control your height, do turns and even a bit of pumping. 

Feel the energy of even the smallest boat wake under the water and how it lifts even more, allowing you to ride with a slack rope! 

7.200php / 2h private lesson 

4.800php / 2h semi private lesson

Surf & Sup foiling 

fly over the ocean waves.

surf foiling cemeteries pesangan surfing spot Siargao

Surf break lesson

Now that you know how to foil behind the boat. 
Lets head into the surf! 

Learn to postition yourself, how to take off, and how to pop up on foil. 

All lessons are done in small mellow surf 

7.200 Php / 2h session


2 way radio upgrade
radio helmet_edited.png
radio helmet_edited.png

Want to speed up the learning process ? 
2 way radio's put you in permanent contact with your instructor, no need to press any buttons. 

Instant feedback at all time and extra safe learning,

Available for lessons at all levels.
+1.100php upgrade / 2h lesson.  

Board rental

Surf foil equipment rental Philippines

Surf or  SUP foil rental 

Dont have your own foil but want to head out and go for yourself ? 

We got sets for rental as well. 

1.000 Php / 1h

* 500USD CASH deposit required.
** You break it = you pay it policy
   Take care of the gear as if it was your own.

Siargao Watersports
Beachfront @ Bravo Beach Resort
Tourism Road, General Luna
8419 Surigao Del Norte

0063 (0)967 047 8569

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