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About Us

At Siargao Watersports, we're committed to making your experiences as fun as possible! We offer various water activities & services to guarantee you enjoy Siargao to the fullest - adapted to any weather condition.

Founded in 2020, and an integral part of Bravo Beach Resort in General Luna, Siargao Island.
Our team consists of a couple of dedicated professionals with a deeply rooted passion for the ocean. Each member of our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in multiple disciplines of water sports, and is committed to ensuring every customer's experience with us is safe, extremely fun and professional.


Our Team

Get To Know Us

Hendrik Van de Perre Siargao Water Sport Activities

Hendrik Van de Perre

Co- Founder & Operations

Hendrik gave life to Siargao Watersports in 2020 as his passion project.

He is an IKO Level 3 senior professional kiteboarding instructor with more than 1000 students taught and countless hours over the last decade. 

He is a highly experienced instructor who has worked in Watersports centers in Europe, Africa & Asia running lessons, rentals, safari's and organizing the day to day operations. 

Being an avid surfer, wakeboarder, foiler and now wing foiler as well, he likes to describe himself as "Jack of All Trades" and is flexible in adapting which sport he will do for the day depending on the given weather conditions. 

Rozie Delgado - Van de Perre

Co - Founder & Admin

Rozie is a dedicated water woman. 

She is a long time surfer who learned to embrace the wind elements and learned kiting later on. Already an ASI Surf instructor & Certified Yoga instructor, her passion for kitesurfing grew and she eventually became a IKO level 3 Professional Kiteboarding Instructor, and the first and only Filipina to become IKO Level 3 certified.

She's been a great advocate for getting women interested in water sports, as well as teaching people of all nationalities to embrace and harness the wind. 


She has shared her knowledge and experience teaching kitesurfing in the Philippines, Asia and Africa.

Rozie Delgado Siargao Water Sport Activities
Marz Malaza Siargao Boat Captain

Mars Malaza

Chief Boat Captain

Born and raised in Siargao. 
He knows the lagoons and reefs like the back of his hand. 

Always in a good mood yet sharp and aware of his surroundings.

A surfer who's growing increasingly fond of foiling and knows how to drive the boat to perfection to get you up easily. 

Din Tokong Litangan

Board Shaper and Creator.

If you visit Siargao and are in need of a board,

Din's your man. 

A Local Legend,
and one of the most experienced shapers in the Philippines,
making Surfboards, SUP's, foilboards and even repairing Yachts ! 

Din makes, tweaks and customises our boards to make them perfect for your needs. 

Din Tokong Litangan surfboard shaper Siargao

Our Home

 Siargao Watersports is part of Bravo Beach Resort

Bravo Beach resort drone shot
Bravo logo blue black.png

Siargao Watersports is a integral part of Bravo Beach Resort, your lifestyle resort in Siargao. 

BRAVO is a beach resort on Siargao Island, located in the action-packed General Luna area.


While it is known as the surfer's paradise of the Philippines, there is much more to Siargao than just waves.


The Bravo Resort in Siargao has a vibrant and lively atmosphere. It is where people from different countries and cultures come together to relax and have fun.


At Bravo, we constantly strive to be, the best resort in Siargao, in our class. Rent a villa in Siargao and experience the authentic island lifestyle in comfort, with delicious food and excellent service. 

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